Old 500 & 1000Rs Currency Notes abolished from Midnight

500Rs and 1000Rs Currency Notes No Longer Valid after 8th November 2016 Midnight In a strict move to curb corruption and fraudulent currency notes, the honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi banned Rs500 and Rs1000 currency notes from 8th November 2016 midnight. These denomination notes holds no monetary value from now on and they are mere piece of paper. To ease the daily transactions and to avoid inconvenience, there are a… Read Article →

Travel Tips

Simple Travel Tips to Make your trip enjoyable

Travel Tips Its been a few hundred thousand miles till now added to my travel experience till now. From forgetting tickets to picking the wrong hotels, to wrong destinations, I have had a lot of experiences to share. But today I will only keep it to the conclusions I have derived from them. I am not a professional writer or a blogger so I would be as simple and explanatory… Read Article →


10 Tips to a Healthier Living

10 Tips to a Healthier Living Its a lot talked about topic and we all know its importance. Its just that some are lazy or reluctant in adopting the healthy regime in their daily lives, and some are genuinely not aware of the actual benefits we can receive by following a few simple things in our routine. I would not get into why you want to be healthy, we all… Read Article →